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We’re Brains + Brawn, your #blessed travel companions.

Just a couple of travel junkies who see the world in very different ways.

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Where We’ve Been

What on Earth are we Doing?

We love to travel. Seeing the world, meeting new peoples, taking #basic photos – it never gets old. We absolutely must see it all. So we started this website to force ourselves to keep moving.

We’ll give you travel tips, tell you how save money on flights & accommodations – sure. But we’ll also give you something rarely found elsewhere: the gritty truth.

Just because a place has warts doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go there though. The journey is half the battle. We believe the best part of travel is the opportunity to enrich oneself.

Don’t get it twisted: we love sandy beaches & rum served in pineapples just as much as the next fatty. But we aren’t travel agents and we aren’t selling anything.

We deal in travel insights, curated based on our own actual experiences. If that’s what you’re buying, by all means, stick around.

What We Know Best [ So Far . . . ]

Brains + Brawn - Your blessed travel companions

We’ve been to a few spots in our day. But there are a few places we know best. The Brains grew up in Beijing and traveled around China before moving to Great White North. The Brawn grew up in Vancouver and spent 6 years living in Taiwan, mostly in Taipei City. Since joining forces, we’ve been around Canada and America.


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